Company Profile

Oriental Fantasy is a comprehensive traveling service institution, which is use sports tourism, business inspection trip, and exclusive corporate custom travel as the main core. Service customer projects include: golf, marathon and other sports tourism. Currently, Oriental Fantasy has directly cooperative relationship with more than 200 golf courses as well as hundreds of star hotels, and also has chamber of commerce and associations in destination countries and cities. Oriental Fantasy provide personalized and differentiated travel service solution for customers and partners. It includes golf booking, membership service, business travel, and systematic customer communication platform. Under years of personal involvement and professional data analysis, we have a good understanding of the market trends and status of golf travel, so that we can further explore the core needs of different types of customers and institutional partners. We focus on customers, concentrate on service, try our best to make vast golf lovers to become a “private traveler.”

Company Culture

Oriental Fantasy adheres the high standard of process management. The service for every link of Oriental Fantasy need to strictly draft clear and specific standard executive and prepare as a book,to make sure the service quality could effect stable.

We follow“Affinity customers”as value specification, we use customers’ needs as our lead,continuous innovation ,quickly response.

Our Advantages

Oriental Fantasy has directly cooperate relationship with more than 200 golf courses as well as hundreds of star hotels. In different seasons and at different periods, we carefully select destination resources and provide the best enjoyment to every traveler.

Oriental Fantasy provides personalized and different continuous service solutions for customers and partners, fully satisfy travel diversification, convenient, and comfortable destination transportation service. Oriental Fantasy provides domestic travel design, destination reception service as well as “One-stop, closed-loop service system.”

Awards & Honors
  • USGA Member Unit

  • Honorary cooperative unit in Cheung Kong graduate school of business Hongkong

  • Tai Wan Golf Member Industry Best Contribution Award

  • (North America、Asia)Member Quality Service Partner